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Resonant Circuits-Electric Coil on Circuit Board

To many, global communication is something that is often taken for granted; and like many of the technologies that help to shape our world, there is a considerable gap between passing knowledge of the technology and how it actually works.

This article aims to shed some light on how resonant circuits work and how they have shaped the ways in which information is shared and consumed all over the globe.

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Sample Circuit with values

This article is intended to illustrate the steps required for creating a Norton equivalent circuit. All the concepts mentioned here build on the prior knowledge of simplifying circuits.

According to Norton's theorem, any two-terminal circuit, made up of fixed value resistances, of voltage sources, and of current sources, can be replaced by a single current source in parallel with a single resistance which will produce the same effects at the terminals.

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loop analysis

Loop current analysis or mesh analysis is an analytical method to determine the current flowing at different points in a closed circuit.

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gbctechtraining holiday hours 2021

With winter break quickly approaching, we wanted to update you on how the holiday break will impact our technical, tutorial, and administrative support.

Office Hours

George Brown College will be closed from Friday, December 24, 2021, to Tuesday, January 4, 2022. We won't be able to speak with you during this time but we are monitoring and responding to email inquires. 

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electronics technicians following covid-19 ppe guidelines

The wide-ranging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic no doubt caught every industry in the world by surprise. Many companies had to close their doors to customers and significantly reduce the number of workers present to ensure the safe production of essential goods and provision of services.

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Image of technician working on circuit board

Electronic devices such as phones and computers are heavily relied upon in our daily lives—you’re likely reading this article on an electronic device right now! Electronic control devices are equally important and common in the manufacturing sector, which is why there is high demand for industrial electronics technicians and engineers to design, build, troubleshoot, and maintain these electronic devices.

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male using microprocessor programming

Maybe you’ve heard of microprocessors before but want a refresher on what they’re all about. Or maybe you’re someone who is brand new to microprocessor programming and want a beginner’s overview. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. 

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