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What Managers and Graduates have to say?

Clement Bergeron
Electronics Technician Graduate

Clement Bergeron is a welder at BRP, a manufacturer of recreational vehicles including Ski-Doo snowmobiles, watercraft and Can-Am Spyder off-road vehicles. read more

Nicolas Allende
Electronics Technician Graduate

Nicolas Allende is an independent contractor currently involved in the installation of solar photovoltaic systems. read more

Stephan Pimentel
Electronics Technician Graduate

Stephan Pimentel received tuition reimbursement from the Toronto Transit Commission to enroll in the Electronic Technician Certificate program. read more

Andre Lariviere
Electronics Technician Graduate

Andre Lariviere enrolled in the Electronics Technician program ‘to gain knowledge and expertise that would be pertinent to my job as a Motion Picture Conservator at Library and Archives Canada. read more

Christine Wiskot
Electronics Graduate

For many years I have been employed in electrical assembly, responsible for building wiring harnesses, soldering equipment and working with circuit boards and solar systems. read more

Dustin Smith
Electronics Technician Graduate

Since completing the Electronics Technician program Dustin Smith, a machine operator, has been given new opportunities by his employer, Sybron Dental. read more

Argenis Ortiz
Program: Electronics Technician Program

Argenis Ortiz is an ASC Electronics Engineering Technician II working for BAE Systems. His interest in Electronics and initial skills were attained in High School, and then self-taught though years of on-the-job training. read more

Electronics Technician graduate Brendan O'Reilly

Brendan O'Reilly
Program: Electronics Technician Program

Brendan O Reilly, a restaurant manager in New York, decided to enroll in the Electronics Technician program to facilitate a change in his career. While he found the program, "difficult at times, it was enjoyable and [I] gained a good understanding of electricity. The simulation software, 3D Lab, was quite good as was the help I received from the Student Support Center. The people there were great and solved my problems quickly and easily.". .
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Electronics Technician graduate Kyle McAulay

Kyle McAulay
Program: Electronics Technician Program

Kyle McAulay is a Junior Technologist at a weather service agency where his responsibilities range from operating an electrolyzer (for the gas production) for weather balloons in the artic, to observing surface weather and preforming snow and ice surveys. Kyle enrolled and completed the Electronics Technician program to expand his skills in electronics. He has applied some of this new knowledge ‘while working on an assignment, [he] tested the resistance on a circuit board for a wind sensor’. .
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Electronics Technician graduate Myles McDonald

Myles McDonald
Program: Electronics Technician Program

A retired Drilling Engineer in the Petroleum Industry, Myles McDonald, enrolled in the Electronics Technician Certificate program "to learn the basics of electronics. It was a great introduction providing a foundation which has augmented my hobby of building amplifiers and speakers." .
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Dale Splettstoeszer
Program: Electronics Technician Program

Dale Splettstoeszer is a Senior Microelectronics ECAD Designer for a hearing aid company. He works in the development of next generation technologies and platforms, including designing the tiny flexible circuit that is contained in the hearing aid. read more

Electronics Technician graduate Fasiha Shireen

Fasiha Shireen
Program: Electronics Technician

Fasiha Shireen was only able to complete 2 of the 4 years of her Bachelors of Electrical Engineering (B.E.E.) back in her home country. She registered into the Electronics Technician program “as it allowed [her] to get a Certificate in a field of interest and in an area similar to [her] previous studies.” read more

Deron Dawson

Phil Boudreau
Program: Electronics and PLC

Phil Boudreau has completed the Electronics and PLC Technician Certificate programs. "Since taking the Electronics program, I have designed a circuit board for a special application required for air conditioning and refrigeration compressor conversions. Many of our customers use PLCs so I also enrolled in the PLC program to expand my skills. While I have not had the opportunity to work with PLCs yet, I am hoping to get my hands on some equipment very soon in order to apply my knowledge and strengthen my skills even further." read more

Deron Dawson

Deron Dawson
Program: Electronics Technician

Deron Dawson works at the Toronto Transit Commission as a Rail Vehicle Analyzer, where he is responsible for maintenance and repairs of subway and rail vehicles. read more

Roger Allan Jackson
Electronics Technician Certificate

Roger needed “a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Electronics to help in the creation of my interactive artwork” and found the Electronics Technician program was a perfect fit. read more

Patrick Denis
Graduate of the Robotics and Electronics Technician Certificate Programs

Patrick Denis graduated from the Robotics Technician program and is currently taking the Electronics Technician program. read more