Networking for Technical Professionals

June 19, 2020

Covid-19 has made it difficult for even the most social among us to build connections.  Here are a few tips to help technical professionals build and maintain their connections online, and prepare themselves for the post-pandemic world.  



1. Build your Brand


Make yourself the “Person to Know”

Use down time to begin building your brand.  Use Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to post industry news and position yourself as an expert in your field. If you enjoy writing, start a blog! There are lots of interesting developments in Robotics, Automation and other technical industries right now—and your perspective could be very valuable.    


2. Participate in Discussions


Join Conversations Virtually

Follow companies, brands, and industry leaders that are meaningful to you.  Don’t be afraid to comment and add your perspective as a technical professional in the—people will want to read your opinions!  LinkedIn is great for this; even if it seems less geared towards technical professionals, LinkedIn is still a great tool for connecting you directly with brands you may want to work with in the future.  


3. Host an Industry "E-vent"


Grow your Network as a Host

Host your own "e-vent": invite a colleague or industry friend to join you for a video chat about an interesting topic… and have them invite one of their own industry contacts!  If each guest invites their own contact, you will build new, relevant connections and the discussion will be diverse with a variety of voices. 


4. Use Existing Connections


Reach out to People you Already Know

Connect with old acquaintances—like a teacher, former colleague, or friend—and see if they have any links to networks that may be of interest to you.  Ask them to introduce you, and set up a Zoom or Skype meeting to chat.  You may be surprised by how many people are already in your extended network!


5. Build Long-Term Commections


Commit to building Relations for the Long Term

Focus on creating long-term connections with people; they will be more valuable than the favour you want in the short-term.  Help people out as you expect to be helped—mentor someone just starting out in their trade, give advice, and be willing to connect others to your network. Help others and they will be more willing to help you… and you never know where they might be in 10 years!


6. Reach out and Check In


See How your Connections are Doing

Everyone is struggling with connecting during this pandemic. Reach out to personal and professional contacts to see how they are doing—they might remember your thoughtfulness in the future.  



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