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Bachelor of Science (PD) with Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada

George Brown College and Athabasca University offer a unique distance education pathway to a Bachelor of Science (Post Diploma) degree that combines award-winning technical education from George Brown College with leading-edge science education from Athabasca University.

Students who complete the Electronics Technician Certificate and then the Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma program, which requires an additional 7 general education and communications courses), can transfer directly into the second year of a four year Bachelor of Science (PD) degree at Athabasca University.

Step 1: Enter and complete the GBC Electronics Technician Certificate Program.

Approximate time to complete the program is 8 months, part-time.
Certificate Cost is $1,760

Step 2: Enter and complete the GBC Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma program by completing an additional 7 distance education based general education and communication courses.

Additional cost to complete the Diploma is approximately $3,000

Step 3: Enter the Athabasca University Bachelor of Science (PD) program at 2nd year equivalent level and complete approximately 90 more credits of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year courses through Athabasca University distance education.

Additional cost to complete the B.Sc. degree is approximately $24,600*

All GBC and University of Athabasca courses are delivered by distance education.

* Canadian residents outside of Alberta

Total cost is approximately $29,000.

For more information about this program articulation please contact:

GBC Contact:

Angelo Vouloukos
Program Coordinator
1-416-415-5000 x6717

Athabasca University Contact:

Learner Support Services Advising Team
Online contact form at: http://lss.athabascau.ca/advising/contact_us.php
Athabasca University