Advanced Standing

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Advanced Standing

Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma Course Options

Of the 7 courses that are required, 3 communication courses are needed and 4 general education courses. These courses can be completed through George Brown night school or distance education courses

  Night School Courses Distance Education Courses
1 COMM1008
- College English
COMM 1138 
– College English on-line
2 COMM1017
- Professional Communications I
or ONE of the following:
- COMM9057 - Research and Reporting 
- COMM 9089 - Business Writing Strategies
- OMM 9143 - Business Report Writing
    or COMM1093
- Writing for Technology

Any night school or distance education course with one of the following course codes

  • GHUM General Education: Arts and Humanities
  • GSCI General Education: Sciences
  • GSSC General Education: Social Sciences

As part of the breadth requirement for the General Education at GBC, the College policy states effective the 2003 – 4 academic year, "students take general education courses from two of the three recognized categories."

Any of the on-line distance education courses shown in the GBC Continuing Education Calendar or the GBC website at:
(see Continuing Education for Distance Education courses) under General Education.

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