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Advanced Standing

Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma Course Options

Of the 7 courses that are required, 3 communication courses are needed and 4 general education courses. These courses can be completed through George Brown night school or distance education courses

  Night School Courses Distance Education Courses 
1 COMM1008
- College English
*COMM 1138 
– College English on-line
2 COMM1017
- Professional Communications I
ONE of the following:
- COMM9057 - Research and Reporting 
- COMM 9089 - Business Writing Strategies
- COMM 9143 - Business Report Writing
- Technical Communication

You must have completed our COMM1162- Introduction to College Communication or you must complete the General English Assessment and score high enough to be assigned to College English. You must present proof that you meet the prerequisite requirement at the first class.

Any night school or distance education course with one of the following course codes

  • GHUM General Education: Arts and Humanities
  • GSCI General Education: Sciences
  • GSSC General Education: Social Sciences

As part of the breadth requirement for the General Education at GBC, the College policy states, "students take general education courses from two of the three recognized categories."

Any of the on-line distance education courses shown in the GBC Continuing Education Calendar or the GBC website:

General Humanities

General Science and Mathematics

General Social Sciences

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