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Guide to Setting Up and Taking Online Exams

This comprehensive guide for setting up and taking online exams has been developed for all new and existing students. This detailed manual will guide you through all the detailed steps required to access and complete online exams. Everything from logging into the Resource Center to setting up email applications, to testing your email connection is reviewed in detail. This guide will help simplify and answer most questions relating to the process of writing an online exam. Download the Guide

New DVD version of ET now available

The latest version of the award-winning Electronics Technician program is now available in DVD format. While a CD-ROM version of ET is still available for students who’s computers do not have DVD players, users who have computers with DVD players will benefit tremendously from the many exciting new features contained on the DVD version.

Program enhancements made to the new DVD version includes:

  • Significant content revisions made to Modules 1 – 6, make the introductory principles of the programs even easier for the new student to learn, including the early introduction of 3DLab simulation in Module 1.
  • Dozens of new 3D laboratory animations to provide the student with animated examples of the 3DLab virtual lab environment where they conduct their own interactive lab experiments.
  • Many new lab projects, review questions and practice problems.
  • A heavier emphasis on practical applications, (i.e. burglar alarms, audio systems and household wiring).
  • The full professional version of CircuitLogix simulation software, valued at $299 retail.
  • New Video Tech Tips with electronics professors providing video explanations of key topics.

The new ET DVD includes CircuitLogix Pro, which features both 2D- and 3D-simulation software. CircuitLogix Pro comes with a comprehensive user guide, over 10,000 devices and models, and includes a device editor which allows you to build your own devices and models. One of the most powerful features of CircuitLogix Pro is its 3D simulation software, called 3DLab. By combining 3D simulation with 3D animations, the students are able to perform experiments and complete laboratory projects in a “virtual laboratory". The animations are designed to support the virtual lab, where the same laboratory equipment is used by both the "technician/tutor" in the animations and the by the student as they perform lab experiments using the 3DLab software.

The first six modules of the DVD contain over 25 new 3D animations which cover many aspects of the fundamentals of electricity. Content modifications have been made to support these new animations and to present the course material in a modern, engaging format. The first six modules now have a heavier emphasis on practical application (burglar alarms, audio systems, household wiring, etc.) which is re-inforced with many new lab projects, reviews questions, and practice problems. Module 1 now includes a section titled “Introduction to lab simulation" which presents an overview of traditional electronics laboratories and presents the theoretical and practical aspects of both 2D- and 3D-simulation. The new DVD also contains a greatly enhanced Tech Tips section. In addition to the text-based tips provided in the earlier CD-ROM versions, the DVD also includes Video Tech Tips with electronics professors providing video lectures of key topics.

Interactive Discussion Forums

We are very pleased to announce that we've just activated three new interactive discussion forums for registered students. The forums are accessed from within the online Student Support Center. The Electronics Technical Training program now has its own private discussion forum, where students can share their comments, questions and experiences about the program with other enrolled students. The second forum is strictly a tutorial forum, where you can direct specific questions about course content to one of our online tutors. The last forum is a Program News Forum that we will use to keep you up-to-date on the latest news and important announcements from the program administrator. Check it out and join your fellow students online!