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August 22, 2012

George Brown College announces a LinkedIn Alumni group for Online Technical Training Programs

George Brown College is pleased to announce a new component of the Electronic, Electromechanical, Robotics and PLC Technician Certificate programs; the GBCTechTraining LinkedIn Alumni Group. This group is intended to help our program graduates develop new contacts and career opportunities in their program areas.

At George Brown College we understand that our students want to grow in their career. The goal of the LinkedIn Group is to provide our graduates with a place to network professionally and to develop opportunities to further their technical careers. Along with discussions, this group will provide related job postings that are appropriate for our members.

"These programs provide our students with new and expanded technical skills; making them more employable", says Colin Simpson, Dean, Centre for Continuous Learning. "The GBCTechTraining LinkedIn Alumni group is another way to help our student's network and take a proactive approach to their career development. Along with hopefully some very interesting discussions, this group will provide job postings that we encounter that are appropriate for our members."

Membership in this group is open to all graduates of the online GBCTechTraining Electronics, Electromechanical, PLC and Robotics Technician Certificate programs. All program graduates are automatically invited and accepted into the LinkedIn group.