January 12, 2007

GBC announces new virtual laboratory simulation learning platform

TORONTO, CANADA, January 12, 2007 - George Brown College announced today the integration of CircuitLogix Lab Simulation in both its Electronics and ElectroMechanical online programs. CircuitLogix is one of the most powerful electronics simulation packages on the market and is a popular schematic capture and simulation tool that features fast, accurate mixed-signal simulation previously unavailable in the education market.

"With CircuitLogix, students can simulate any combination of analog and digital components".said Colin Simpson, Dean of George Brown's Centre for Continuous Learning. "Mixed-signal simulation is easy and the speed and accuracy rivals real-world tools costing thousands of dollars." Along with its tremendous simulation capability, CircuitLogix also features a device library of over 4,000 devices, SPICE model import, and no limit on the number of pins for an individual device. CircuitLogix is a software tool that seamlessly integrates schematic capture and simulation in one complete program. Professional schematic capabilities include a built-in symbol editor, a macro feature for hierarchical devices, and automatic wire routing. These features allow users to quickly create high-quality schematics for documentation.

In addition to 2D simulation, CircuitLogix also includes a fully functioning 3D virtual lab simulation package. The 3D lab simulator is used extensively in the introductory DC fundamentals curriculum to reinforce key concepts in electricity and electronics. Simpson adds, "By utilizing both 2D and 3D electronics simulation, we are able to provide students with 24/7 access to a fully functioning electronics lab with tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and an almost unlimited number of parts and devices".