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University Pathways

B. Sc. Technology Management with Indiana State University, Terra Haute
Indiana, United States

George Brown College and Indiana State University offer a home study distance education program that combines award-winning technical education from George Brown College with Indiana State University's leading-edge science distance education programs.

Students who have completed the Electronics Technician Diploma through George Brown College, plus an additional 3 courses can transfer directly into the third year of studies at Indiana State University and continue on to complete a 4 year Bachelor of Science Degree.

Step 1:

Enter and complete the GBC Electronics Technician Certificate Program.
Approximate time to complete the program is 8 months, part-time.
Total Certificate Cost is $1,760

Step 2:

Complete an additional 7 courses (general education and communication).
Total Diploma Cost is Approximately another $3,000
The required seven courses are:

GSCI 1019 or GSCI 1028 Health and Wellness
GSSC 1004 World of Work
COMM 1093 Technical Communications
COMM 1008 or COMM 1138 College English
COMM 9120 Communications 1
GSSC 1158 Sociology Introduction
   or GSSC 1156 Selected Topics in Psychology
   or GSSC 1157 Developmental Psychology
GHUM 1134 Myths and Legends

Step 3:

Complete an additional 3 courses through GBC or ISU. If these courses
are taken through GBC the 3 courses are: STAT 9004: Statistics, 
BIOL 9007: Biology and SCI 9013: Basic Botany.

Step 4:

Enter at an equivalent to 3rd year level and complete the
Indiana State University B.Sc. Technology Management Degree Program.
Complete 3rd and 4th year courses through ISU distance education. 
Total B.Sc. Degree Cost is approximately $19,000.

All courses are provided by distance education. Total cost is approximately $24,000.

For more details about the GBC Electronics Technician Diploma and this partnership with Indian State University please contact:

GBC Main Contact for ET Diploma
and for ISU articulations:

Angelo Vouloukos
Program Coordinator
George Brown College
416-415-5000 x6717


Indiana State University Contact for prospective students:

Dr. Randy Peters

Chair & Professor